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1.1 Abstract

Time so that changes rapidly from year to year to make our lives completely instant course, many people just throw money only for fun, a young man is most often do activities that will only make future destroyed.
Different with the young child problems that come from young man is when make them take the wrong decision, for example: in teenagers is when they do free sex and pregnancy that is in their mind they are not ready to have children, so they choose to abortion. That is one decision that a lot of disagreement and debate everywhere because it make whether abortion is wrong or not, because if the abortion is a religious act in which to kill a baby that is not guilty, while the people who thought abortion they thought that they do that because there reasons why they choose abortion rather than the birth of their child’s uterus. For that in this paper is more in-depth and precise.

1.2 Rationale

Currently, abortion became a serious enough problem that, seen from the high number of abortion more increased from year to year. In Indonesia alone, the number of fetus per year has reached 3 million. The numbers do not remember the size of the bit rate of pregnancy in Indonesia. In addition, I have categorize abortion is murder. It’s that prohibits the name of religion. Some claimed that the newborn baby also has a right to life must be so, and others.
Abortion is a public health problem because it gives pain, and impact on maternal mortality. As the main causes of maternal death and birth are bleeding,

infection and eklampsia. However, abortion is also a cause of maternal mortality, only appear in the form of bleeding complications. However, maternal mortality due to abortion complications often do not appear in the reports of death, but was reported as bleeding. This is going to at this time because abortion is still a controversial issue in society. On the one hand, abortion is considered illegal and prohibited by religion, so people tend to hide the incident abortion, abortion on the other hand occur in the community. This is evident from the news that is written in the newspapers about the occurrence of abortion in the community, other than easily obtained herbal medicine and laxative drugs and traditional massage for those who come late hours.
There are no definitive data about the size of the impact of abortion on maternal health, WHO estimates 10-50% maternal deaths caused by abortion (depending on the conditions of each country). Estimated in the world do every year 20 million unsafe abortion, 70,000 women die due to unsafe abortion, and 1 of 8 maternal deaths are caused by unsafe abortion.
In southeast Asia, the WHO estimates 4.2 million abortion performed each year, including 750,000 to 1.5 million occur in India. The risk of death due to unsafe abortion in Asia is estimated between 1 out of 250, ahead of only 1 of 3700. Numbers give a picture that abortion problem in Indonesia is still quite large.
Definition Abortion
Shed the womb or in medical world is known by the term “abortus”. Means the expenditure of conception (of egg cells and sperm cells) before the fetus can survive outside the womb. This is a process of closure living fetus before given the opportunity to grow.

In the 3 known types of medical abortion, including:
1.Spontaneous abortion / natural
2.Shynthetic abortion / deliberate
3.Therapeutic abortion / Medical
Spontaneous abortion / progress naturally without any action. Mostly due to the lack of good quality and egg cells sperm cells, whereas Artificial abortion/deliberate terminations of pregnancy before the age of the womb 28 weeks as a result of deliberate action by the potential and realize the mother and the executive abortion (in this case the doctor, midwife or midwife). Therapeutic abortion / medical abortion is made in the womb on medical indications. For example, the prospective mother who is pregnant but have high blood chronic disease or severe heart disease that could endanger both the prospective mother and the fetus at her contain. But this is all over the medical considerations and does not mature in hurry.

1.3 Goals
Among young people many things happen that a bad impact for their viability, they don’t think what will happen after they do bad things, such as: free sex, drugs, night party and others. I take the example here that is free sex. More free sex among young man and the implications for women one of which is pregnancy. Most of the children of women who are pregnant don’t want young baby they were born into the world because many of them are not ready to have children and have a family. Shortcuts that often they choose not to bear children is to do with “abortion or termination of pregnancy”, even though abortion is still a lot of risk they choose to drop abortion.
In making this paper, I will explain why many young man notably to woman choose abortion, and also the risks that will be conducted after the abortion.

The purpose of the author in making this paper with title “danger abortion to woman” is:
 The author hope this papers can make student school at the second Christian high School of Binsus Tomohon and for all student how important our life.
 To build the awareness of student to their health, give information that abortion have a effect that dangerously for our life.
 Can make student to know abortion is very danger, and don’t never to do it free sex so, we can’t do it abortion.
 Give the true information for all student, so they can understand what is abortion and impact for our life

1.4 Objective
In this paper, I hope this paper benefit for peopled that reads this paper in order that not fall in bad thing for example is abortion, such a action that will wreck our life. Notably orders it is passed on womankind in order not to incorrect chooses road.
This is a example for the abortion agent :
Of Abortion
Profile of abortion in Indonesia is not exactly the same in other countries. However, under this picture gives us material to consider.

The women of abortion are:
1. Women’s Youth.
More than half or 57% of women of abortion, they are under the age of 25 years. Even 24% of them are women under the age of adolescents 19 years.

2. Women’s Single
If pregnancy occurs outside marriage, 82% of women in the United States will perform abortion. So, the young women who get pregnant outside of marriage, tend to choose easily will kill their own children.
For in Indonesia, this amount is certainly larger, because in the traditional East, pregnancy outside marriage is a disgrace, and is a great tragedy that people can’t be accepted and the family environment.
That is abortion agent example that tending aborts the pregnance it. to who that dislike abortion do
1.5 Methodology
 Interview
By doing a little interview or discussion with several women of different age, I can take a conclusion in which more women who do not like abortion with a variety of reasons given.
 Observation
I can’t find places for the activities related to abortion, but I see in the television spots that often does it abortion is in place that is closed and also equipment used in making abortion is often used many times and rarely to be washed or cleaned so that the risk of many diseases that do occur if abortion.
 Literature Study
What is abortion :
This is a process of closure living fetus before given the opportunity to grow.

Risk of Abortion :
Abortion have a higher risk to health or safety of a woman. Not true if someone said that if abortion do it “does not feel anything and can go home.”
This is a very misleading information for every woman, especially those who are confused because they do not want a pregnancy has occurred.
There are 2 kinds of health risks to women who do abortion:
1. Health and safety risk in the physical
2. Risk of psychological disturbance
Risk of physical health and safety
During the abortion after abortion, and there are some risks to be faced by a woman, as described in the book “Facts of Life” written by Brian Clowes, Phd, namely:
1. Sudden death due to severe bleeding
2. Sudden death due to anesthesia failed
3. A slow death due to serious infections in the womb
4. A torn uterus (Uterine Perforation)
5. Damage to the womb neck (Cervical Lacerations) that causes the defect in the
next child
6. Breast cancer (due to imbalance in the female estrogen hormone)
7. Cancer ovary (Ovarian Cancer)
8. Uterus neck cancer (Cervical Cancer)
9. Liver cancer (Liver Cancer)
10. Aberration in the placenta / placenta (placenta Previa) which causes the
disability next to the child and the severe bleeding at the time of the next pregnancy

Risk of mental health
The process of abortion not only a process that has a high risk in terms of health and safety of a woman physically, but also has a very great impact on a woman’s mental condition.
This phenomenon is known in psychology as “Post-Abortion Syndrome” (Post-abortion syndrome) or PAS. Symptoms is recorded in the “Psychological reactions Reported After Abortion” in the publication of The Post-Abortion Review (1994).
Basically, a woman who experienced abortion will things like the following:
1. Loss of self (82%)
2. Hysterical rant (51%)
3. Bad dream many times about the baby (63%)
4. Want to do suicide (28%)
5. Start trying to use medicines and drugs (41%)
Engineering Abortion
*Adilatasi and curette (Dilatation & curettage)

Hole collar enlarged womb, the womb that can be entered curette, which is a sharp piece tool. Then the living fetus is torn small, disconnected from the
wall of the womb and thrown out. Generally occurs much bleeding. Midwives should be operating this curing it well, if not, infection will occur.
*Curette way inhalation (Sunction)
On how this neck also enlarged uterus, such as D & C, and then a tube is inserted in the uterus and connected with a powerful tool absorb so that the baby in the womb torn into small pieces, and sucked into a bottle.

*Poisoning with salt (Salt poisoned)
How this is done on the fetus are more than 16 days (4 months) when enough fluid has collected in the sac around the baby in the child, a long needle inserted through the belly of the mother to the baby in the bag, and a number of fluid out sucked and saline solution the slab injected into it. The hapless baby swallow this toxic salt, and he suffered greatly. He keep struggling to get free and kick as though he was burned alive by the poison. In this way, the baby will die in time approximately 1 hour, the skin is completely charred.
Within 24 hours later, the mother will bear the pain and the birth of a baby who has died. (Often, the babies born in this state are still alive, they are usually left alone to be dead).
This little baby is removed and left to die just before or sometimes directly killed. Chemical abortion (Prostaglandin) Use of this latest way the chemicals
developed Upjohn Pharmaceutical Co. Chemicals resulted in this mother’s womb constrict, so that the living baby is dead and pushed out. This contraction is so strong, such babies are dismembers. Often out of the baby was still alive.
Side effects for the mother of many who have died due to heart attack within the spy chemical injected. Pill murderer Pill Roussell-Uclaf (RU-486), a mixture of drugs made in France in 1980. Doing abortion take three days and accompanied
by cramps, convulsions and heavy bleeding that can continue to progress until 16 days.
EXEMPLARY abortion:
The following is a description of what happens in the process of abortion:
Pregnancy on a young (under 1 month) At the young pregnancy, where the age fetus is still very small, with the abortion is done using a tool sucked (suction).

The children are still very soft and direct most suck smithereens. When issued, it can be seen as a red cloud of fluid-blood of the fetus is killed.
In the further the pregnancy (1-3 months) At this stage, where the fetus was about the new few weeks, parts of the body began to form. Abortion is done with the jab and then the child’s body parts cut-cut by using a kind of special pliers to abortion (abortus pliers). Children in the womb be using the pliers, and the puncture any way that can be achieved. Can stomach, waist, shoulders or neck. Then after pricked, destroyed parts of the body. Bone in crumble and throughout the body torn into small parts so easily removed from the womb. In the abortion clinic, can be seen pieces of this baby that was destroyed. There are snippets of hand, foot discount, the discount and the parts that tiny body. Children who are not guilty had been killed in such a small way with the most egregious. Abortion in advanced pregnancy (3 to 6 months) At this stage, the baby is bigger and part
of the body are clearly visible. Heart rattle is, hands can grasp. The body is able to feel pain, because the networks have it’s nerve well. Abortion is done with the first baby is killed before this is issued. First, given death injection (saline) that is inserted directly into a fetal baby. This liquid will burn the baby’s skin are slowly, tighten exhalation and finally – after suffering during the long hours to one day – a baby that died. During this process is done, the baby will struggle, heart and try to shout loud rattle. Abortion is not only murder, but murder is very despicable. Each woman must be aware about this. Abortion in the pregnancy big (6 to 9 months) At this stage, the baby has been very clear form. Face is visible, including the eyes, nose, lips and ears are tiny. Finger also have become more clear his brain is working well. For cases like this, the process of abortion

carried out by removing the baby is alive, then killed. Easy way to kill him any time, usually immediately thrown to the trash, drowned or beaten into the water until his head broken. So his cry job and stop abortion is complete. Finish with a thorough – just the blood of babies that will remind those involved in the abortion this – that the despicable murder has occurred. All this process often does not realize the women by the prospective mother to abortion. They feel that abortion is fast and not painful, because they were not aware of under the influence of chloroform. They can not go home immediately after the abortion is done old. True, for the women, the abortion is fast and not sick. But for the baby, the process is a very chilling, painful, and really not human. Death of a baby who does not sin is not witnessed by the prospective mother. A woman who later become mothers, which should embrace and hold the baby, have been the murderer of her son alone.
 Questionnaire
After I make the observation method questionnaire, I get various answers to the questions that I give them is a woman who want to topple the abortion if the child her contained result of rape and others, have also not want to drop the abortion due to rape is because that child is already deposited of God should not be wasted in the end, but we must guard and keep the child even though the results from forbidden relations. That’s some questions and answers that I get when give shoptalk it.


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